Leonardo Braune is a respected and highly experienced consultant in the areas of international tax, real estate planning, wealth preservation, fiduciary advice, implementation and management of management of international structures and projects. 

With a vast experience in tax, and extremely diversified client base and a very strong global network of top specialists in many different business related areas, Leonardo has led a large number of successful projects in several industries including oil and gas, telecommunications, real estate, international services, investments funds and asset management. 

Intercorp Group was established under the supervision of Leonardo Braune, with the objective of becoming one of the few true international tax consulting boutiques, fully capable of providing high quality tax, estate planning and fiduciary structuring services, delivering to its clients only the most efficient and practical solutions. 




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Consultancies should be loyal, liable and
responsible to their client in the long term.

Intercorp Group was founded on the premise that consultants should be responsible and accept the risks of their own advice. Clients need to be able to rely on us as specialists, and trust in our pledge to both coordinate implementation and bear the consequences of our advice. Our key aim is to integrate the client/consultant relationship and promote united objectives, high standards and trust.

We are advisors that see ourselves in alliance with the client, both unyieldingly liable and responsible for the advice we provide.



Clients should have access to the very best intelligence which is effectively curated and managed.

Our consultants have access to an international network of professionals and specialists in many specialist areas. Based on the knowledge gleaned from this network, our team will develop customised solutions and asset preservation strategies, with the ultimate aim of meeting the client’s tax planning needs.

Intercorp Group prides itself on delivering the very best in services and bespoke solutions which subscribe to its stringent values of commitment, creativity, technicality, quality and reliability. Since its inception, Intercorp has selected and appointed firms that approach clients’ needs in a similar way and impart value as standard.


The process: advice, implementation and longstanding relationship 


As part of our promise to clients, advice and execution manifest as one service. Intercorp Group is involved throughout each stage of the process: from determining the scope of the project and explaining its consequences, to carefully mapping out its implementation and ensuring exceptional project consolidation and continued focus. Initially, providers are sought, due diligence is performed and tasks are allocated. Our consultants are specialised in coordinating all parties to effectively see the project through to completion and ensure it reflects, if not exceeds the client’s initial expectations. Intercorp Group’s strength is in its ability to implement an on-going solution, remaining flexible enough to monitor and react to the changing context of the process.


Advisors must fully immerse and integrate
themselves in their client's business 


Our understanding of the Brazilian system allows us to speak the language of the client, while helping to elevate their frame of reference to appreciate a global perspective.   Because of this, our practice acknowledges and respects the clients existing structure as a matter of course. Our resolved approach is always to augment the existing team, never to replace it.
We prefer to work together.

Intercorp Group assumes responsibility for playing the role of its client: adopting its needs, objectives and absorbing the potential risks to which the client may be exposed. We fully understand the international tax system and legislation across the most prevalent markets in which our clients invest and are adept in putting those clients in context with the understanding and experience we have in those other jurisdictions.


Knowledge should be presented to clients in a straightforward and simple way that is applicable to them

Intercorp Group’s role is to supply a short and simple approach to clients: by using our experience and access to the world’s best intelligence, we have the ability to frame the courses and consequences of decisions in a comprehensive manner.

Our consultants guide the client with integrity, presenting them with the best possible set of solutions for their needs, explaining the parameters and potential outcomes required to provide an efficient and effective result. Fundamentally, Intercorp Group decodes potentially complex approaches, ignites debate and encourages considered action in context of the client’s own situation.


Good advisors cut through the process to provide solutions

We sell value and knowledge, not information and pages. When we engage the services of external providers, we demand that their provision must pertain to an actionable solution as opposed to a set of facts and details.