"Multi-jurisdictional legislation pays of"

The tax management profession in Brazil is thriving, and one firm that has risen above the rest in this sphere is Intercorp Group

Challenged daily by having to deal with the difficult task of preserving wealth by helping both individuals and corporations legitimately minimise their tax liability, the tax management profession in Brazil is not always plain sailing. Very few firms are skilled enough to contend with the many business, social and political challenges contained within, and, for tax management consultants, navigating national tax infrastructure is far from a trivial task.



Intercorp Group has set a high marker for others in the industry to aspire to, and World Finance named it the best tax firm in Brazil as part of its annual Tax Awards. Intercorp has a strong heritage in tax consulting, and the scope of its expertise has evolved and developed alongside ever-changing client requirements by keeping to a tradition of outstanding client service and intelligence.

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